2D and 3D images presented both as large printed images and short video reels

  • The images have an extremely high resolution which permits them to be printed very large with no loss of detail.
  • As well as printed photos, short video reels fly the viewer into the images.
  • Many images are in 3D, to be viewed with red/cyan glasses,
  • others are under ultraviolet illumination, which shows some dramatic fluorescent effects.
  • Actual specimens shown next the the images for comparison.
  • 5 years.
  • Over a quarter of a million photographs.
  • 20 terabytes of data...

Images shown here have a small fraction the resolution of the originals.

Up to 4m high.
Extreme detail
Over a quarter of a million photographs, taken by hand.
Actual specimens shown with the prints.
Images composed of thousands of photos.
Compared to a normal macro photograph.
Under ultraviolet light.